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Thy Slash by PHDScienceFan
Thy Slash…

Thy Slash (A Plot based on a series of Bashful Satirical Disses):  Gumball and Darwin are sick of the bastardization of their characters and sexuality into "Gumwin" Slash and begin hunting and violently murdering and/or torturing Slash Fangirls (and by that, I mean stripping their guts and spleen straight from their cunts that have been abused of Slash fangirl masturbation)  

They also travel to the fanfiction universes of other Gumball artists and crossover from TiwoG to other works that bastardize them further... Such as killing the gay humanized faggoted versions of themselves created by other Gumball "artists".  This also means harassing annoying ass Generic Filipino Anime Artists (Who the artist and owner of TiwoG is ashamed to share his nationality and ethnicity with) and humiliate them into the true Cartoon-Fandom-Wanking-No-Creativity-Sellout-Artists they really are and turn them into broke ass motherfuckers to the status they deserve.

- Lilith wears the same waist and abdomen badges that Darwin wears.
- This part of a story setting is the first time Darwin releases his Insanity form.
- Unlike Penny, who's a Whore now.  And Carrie turned turned into a Fucking Hippie on a quest to find her precious "Artificial Corpse",  And Gumball turned into a Fucking Jew, Darwin has that "Gangster Rapper" thing going on. ,  He takes no shit from no one, and he's going to kill you fuckers.


I want to say to everyone, I really really hate Penny now... I don't know why, I just fucking do.  God...... I almost became a Carballer, or at least a GumballX(Insert fem) or whatever.  But I want to leave that damned Penball group.  Penball fan or not, any Penny fanart makes me cringe and pisses me off and makes me want to strangle that little peanut bitch.

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garda32 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 4, 2015
Hey dude Uhmm..I know about the hotter between stronghold of GxC  what was just i missed??....And What Happend To your Gallery...UGhmm....Hmm...:^
PHDScienceFan Featured By Owner Edited Mar 5, 2015
Ah, its not really what it looks like, just an annoying Wacky Sell Out Artist acting awkward and ticked me and Helixdude off a bit and her Follower trying to argue with me irrelevantly and pointlessly with his shit TL;DR.  I can PM you the story of what happened here but its actually not worth delving upon because you will realize what pointlessness happened.

I closed my gallery temporarily because Cosmiccoffeebean might send a shit storm of her SJW/White-Knights/Watchers after me and assault my page.

I can't be too hard on though, he actually complimented me on saying my art is creepy and disturbing... Which is what TiwoG is... FUCK, Anyway I also overreacted but fuck it, we move on.
garda32 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
That's Brilliant thought you closed it..But did the man  ya say argue with you is..Uhmmm...I really want to know the story...maybe You can PM me Just to know what's going on bro..Mhmm....i know you weren't bashing their fandom(geez the world bashing's Really sick) ... but more you just Hard Self-Criticism People's artwork..But In the Good side Of The Truth of course....and Also Didnt They See About The Self Reflection about there worship the fandom....i mean some of them...Well yah....If it for the good own sake....
PHDScienceFan Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015
There sent it, its still very very stupid but yeah.

I may not be as active as I was in December or October but I'm uploading a teaser wip of Penny.
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Apocalyptic-PhD Featured By Owner Edited Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconcosmiccoffeebean:"No I'm Autistic so dont play like you're a doctor and diagnose with me with an illness that can be taken very serious"

As far as I can tell I nailed it when I addressed you as autistic and the type of hippie deviant you are... So I was correct there, also the genderfluid part.

I have no time for sparkle-oc sell outs.
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