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I'm gonna draw Carrie and her family,

all her good concepts in Insanity I worked up for will be unique to Carwin, just to piss off Carball fanatics.


TiwoG features a bit of Carball bashing, actually pairing bashing and mary sue and gary stu bashing in general (even Penball fanatics who are so self-indulgent AS FUCK and attempted to turn it into the next Carball), such as 4th wall references and etc. so bare with me on that.  Features similar 4th wall satire style but improved version of my old The Talisman script on the previous journal I submitted.
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Ph.D., science en.


Adam and Lilith_02 by PHDScienceFan
Adam and Lilith_02

Way you see yourself changes here



There are a variety of reasons why I'm inactive recently, the first is my assistant work.. our new client has a bad management, really horrible one and we have to put up for it.  At times you really need to leave the fucking comfort zone..

If you guys still watch that "eeeh" show that lost its taste then you probably what TiwoG is, a piece of shit fanfiction based on an "eeeh" show which has an annoying "ARTIST' pander cult fandom.  In fairness, this complex persists on all fandoms, which is all the more reason I will still stay away from socializing too much with fandom communities.

The next reason is because I became more adequately active in a game I play, AQ-Worlds.  MMORPG, I have a relatively pretty high level account there, playing it since 2009, that throughout 2014 I only login once every 2 months because my hobbies were geared towards art and fanfiction.  I missed a lot of events and rare items that I really would've loved and to think while I was scribbling shit on my paper I could have farmed for Dragon Shinobi class.  If you're familiar with gaming context words then understanding why I just said would not be so difficult.  Furthermore, this is my account.

SORCERERS_APPRENTICE lvl 56, the level cap is lvl 65 and just a few till i get there, the level cap increases by 5 levels once every few months and the stronger the players get.…

Sorcerers is badass ain't he? his account is named so because I only like using wizard classes and I hate melee classes so I show utter fucking disgust to them.  I was playing AQW since like BEFORE I was this good in art or had a dedication.  Don't beileve me? look at my scraps… and here Aq worlds moderator Alina predates ALL TiwoG uploads...

TiwoG will now have AQ Worlds influence, AQW is a simple flash game and thus we sometimes have many artists and digital artists who draw armors and weapons for us... with diverse styles and shit, so I love looking at artist's weapons as we equip them from our inventory and I can gain some influence from them.  Hell, recently, Armor and Character customizations have inspired and influenced some TiwoG characters... Such as Penny's nameless mom.

Fact: This entire description was based on a recent reply I was going to send to Garda that I thought I sent, even if I'm busy, I'M NEVER inactive on DA, just not uploading anything but daily I visit 3-10 times a day faving shit when the pvp arena in AQW is fucking slow.  Hence my recent short conversation with Helix.


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"Some artists strive for truth and beauty, but most of my work is the product of boredom, anger and disgust." - Jflaxman,

Amazing Artist and Satirist I watch.

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garda32 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2015
hey..hmmm Buddy..i see you less in active recently..hmmm...
just want to know that you're good there...
Helixdude Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
Have you heard of the Miracle Star knockoff of TAWOG?
I could use that for TiwoG since in TiwoG there are various states like Elmore that reside in Flat-Earth Cosmological Domes in every nation of earth like the Cosmology of Mesopotamian thought.  Like wise those states are ruled by two protagonists granted main character plot traits and plot protection like Gumball and Darwin.  

It has a lot in common with my old Jewish World of Moses parody which replaced all Gumball characters with my OC's in Jerusalem.  

Of course it's a shameless shameless rip-off.

But still though, a majority of the characters there are much better looking and original than the shit I see in my Gumball Deviantwatch feed.
Helixdude Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
For a knockoff it's actually quite good, i see a seed of potential greatness in it if it can try and do it's own thing.
PHDScienceFan Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015
The main character suspiciously looks like a Penball fankid..
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